“Yoga in America” Now Available Free Online

Yoga in America is now available for

Passion, Diversity, and Enlightenment
In the Words of Some of
Yoga’s Most Ardent Teachers

Edited by Deborah Bernstein and Bob Weisenberg


“A beautiful chorus of wisdom and inspiration that is sure to excite yogis across this country and around the world.”  —Darren Main, Author of Yoga and thePath of the Urban Mystic.

Prepare to be enthralled and to be moved.  Get ready to laugh and to cry.  This is the story of Yoga in America, as told by 46 devoted teachers from every part ofthe Yoga spectrum.

Who could resist titles like these from theTable of Contents:

“Skip the Middle Man and Go Directly to Bliss!”

“Hot Yoga In America–Roots and Offshoots”

“How Patanjali Comes Alive in My Classes and My Life”

“Firm Buttocks or Self-Realization?”

What about the heartbreaking story of a disillusioned woman who spent years seeking happiness in ashrams in India and from gurus in America?

How about an uproarious guide for hesitant men thinking about trying Yoga?

How about the keys to joyous living from one of the leaders of Ananda Yoga in the U.S.?

Open up anywhere and you will find a wealth of energy, creativity, and profound insight.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy meeting these wonderful human beings as much as we enjoyed bringing them together in this book.

(If you still need the paperback it remains available at lulu and Amazon.)

8 Responses to ““Yoga in America” Now Available Free Online”

  1. Cyndy Says:

    Sounds like a great way to let people know it has been created. have you been able to sell it at Kripalu? I have always thought you should make it available to KYTA the teaching dept. as a resource for new teachers, as many of the writings are from Kripalu teachers, such as myself.

    • Bob Weisenberg Says:

      Hi, Cyndy. Thanks for writing.

      I’m not sure what has happened with Kripalu. I always thought that might happen directly through the Kripalu-affiliated authors.

      What’s happened in general is that just after the book came out a year and half ago, both Deb and I went on to other things and neither of us have put much time into marketing it, even though we are very proud of the book.

      That’s not likely to change in the near future, so we decided better to get it out there free online for people to enjoy and learn from. Please tell your friends at Kripalu that it’s available. They are welcome to use it any way they like.

      Bob Weisenberg

  2. yoginibhakti Says:

    Wonderful thank you!

  3. sumit_yoga Says:

    Realy good book! Thanks!

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