“Yoga in America” Goes Free Online

Deborah Bernstein and Bob Weisenberg announced today that “Yoga in America” is now available free online. You can now read or download the book in its entirely at Yoga in America.

5 Responses to ““Yoga in America” Goes Free Online”

  1. Dr.Arun Raghuwanshi Says:

    Dear Deborah Bernstein and Bob Weisenberg
    Thanks for making this beautiful book free on line!

    Its a very good book!Simple ,lucid and to the point!

    Reading this I feel that the message of yoga has reached far and wide from villages of India to Manhattan, with its essence loud and clear -‘Brahman!’/God is everywhere!and to realize yoga is the way and technique!~
    With Love to ‘One and All’!

    (Prof.Dr. Arun Raghuwanshi)
    Yoga way International- India Canada-S.Korea!

  2. Dr.Arun Raghuwanshi Says:

    Dear Bob Weisenberg!

    Thanks for your instant response!
    I would be very happy if you can send few complementary copies of Your Books for our library of ‘Yogaway- International.com’!an NGO working for popularization of yoga among general public!free of cost.
    Our postal Address is:
    Prof.Dr.Arun raghuwanshi
    Saha-pura Bhopal

    With Best wishes!
    (Prof.Dr.Arun raghuwanshi)

    With best wishes!

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